Samsung's newest phone could be the biggest industry disrupter to date -- Here's why

Emily Rella

It’s strange to think about a time when owning a cell phone wasn't a necessity, but rather a luxury.

The most basic cell phone functions have now become minimal requirements for cell phones, with most users seeking a device that can offer them much more than the ability to send texts and receive calls.

Couple this curiosity and need for 'more, more, more' with the rise of social media, and it becomes clear that the smartphone revolution has been inevitable -- and it will only continue to get bigger.

Consumers want a device that will allow them to create whatever format of content they can imagine with ease, and then provide them the ability to post it instantly across their social networks.

After all, social and other various mediums of media are the way most users communicate these days -- Just check a millennial's smartphone and see how many direct messages on Instagram and GIF responses over Messenger they've sent in the past day in comparison to the number of basic text message responses they've sent.

It would seem, then, that the ideal phone for today's consumer market would be one that focuses less on upgrades to traditional cell phone features (upgrades to texting, call features, etc) and more so on the creation of custom, digital content to be shared across mediums in a way of communicating to those with whom they wish to share with.

 The Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ aims to do just that.

Marketed as being 'built for the way we use our smartphones today – they reimagine the way we communicate, share and experience the world,' the phone rolls out with several groundbreaking features. 

By introducing several new features and attributes, the device could hypothetically standalone as a camera or digital device of sorts.

We played around with the new Galaxy S9/S9+ and found these five features to be particularly revolutionary. Click through below:

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