Sammy Sosa still looks way different than he did in his playing days

Former Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa looks nothing like he did during his playing days. Look, we’re familiar with the clickbait articles you see on the internet. You know, the ones that promise “you won’t believe what (insert celebrity name) looks like now.” We admit that this looks exceptionally similar to those.

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But we also feel like you really need to see this picture of current day Sammy Sosa, so please forgive us for that.

This is what Sammy Sosa looks like now.

This is what Sammy Sosa looked like in 1998.

Cubs outfielder Sammy Sosa at his NL MVP news conference in 1998. (AP Photo)
Cubs outfielder Sammy Sosa at his NL MVP news conference in 1998. (AP Photo)

That’s the same guy. We know that’s the same guy. But we’re having a hard time wrapping our heads around this one.

We’re afraid to say much else, but we’ll point out that this isn’t the first time Sosa’s appearance has been a topic of conversation. It’s not just us, either. New York Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman took a shot at Sosa in an Instagram picture from 2014. That photo has since been deleted, but nothing is truly erased from the internet. 

We should point out that there’s no reason to be worried about Sosa. He said his new look was all part of a rejuvenation program back in 2009.

Sosa’s changing appearance is just one of the unusual things to happen to the slugger over the past few years. His relationship with the Cubs continues to be salty. Sosa was one of the few former greats who wasn’t invited back as the team charged to the World Series last year.

That seemed to be the opportune time to bury the hatchet. It didn’t happen, and then things got even more tense between the two sides after Sosa gave an odd interview in February.

For years now, the Cubs have made it clear that they are not willing to recognize Sosa. We always assumed they were referring to his accomplishments, but now we’re not so sure.

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