Sam Neill Tells Wild Story About Farting And Princess Diana At 'Jurassic' Premiere

Jurassic Park” star Sam Neill said a fart outbreak as he sat next to Princess Diana at a screening had him “sweating like crazy” with embarrassment. (Watch the video below.)

But while it was Neill who smelt it, it was his 10-year-old son who dealt it, the actor said on Thursday’s broadcast of the “Today” show.

Neill detailed the incident, which erupted during a London premiere of the dinosaur epic in 1993.

“You don’t get to sit beside Princess Diana every day. But my son was sitting on the other side [of me] here. And it was kind of unfortunate, because once it starts getting exciting, which is about 45 minutes in, he was so carried away with things — he was about 10 years old at this point — he started to fart unreasonably,” Neill said.

The actor noted that it was of the silent but deadly variety.

“It wasn’t that audible, but it was very, very marked,” the “Apples Never Fall” star recalled. “And there was a sort of draft through the cinema, and it was all drifting in the princess’s direction. And I was there in my dinner suit and my bow tie and things, sweating like crazy because I thought, ‘The princess is going to think this is me, and it is this little boy here.’”

“He hates me telling that story, but it’s an absolutely true one,” Neill added.

A previous report about the screening said that Diana covered her eyes during some of the scenes in the dinosaur thriller.

Maybe she should have covered her nose.

Sam Neill is greeted by Princess Diana at a 1993 premiere of
Sam Neill is greeted by Princess Diana at a 1993 premiere of "Jurassic Park" as co-star Jeff Goldblum flashes a toothy grin. Director Steven Spielberg and actor Kate Capshaw, the filmmaker's wife, can be seen at left. Alex Bailey via Getty Images