Sam Altman supporters are posting hilarious memes about what it will be like if he returns

Sam Altman memes
Several users have posted clips of Ari Gold returning to TMA's offices on the television show Entourage as corollary for Altman's return to OpenAI. Screenshot from @danielmerja on X
  • X is filled with hilarious posts from people speculating about Sam Altman's return to OpenAI.

  • People are posting memes and clips from movies and television shows conveying a "heroic return."

  • Altman was fired from his post as CEO on Friday, but talks to bring him back began as early as Saturday.

Just a day after OpenAI's board fired its 38-year-old CEO, Sam Altman, talks had already begun to bring him back on board.

A top ranking official at the company sent a memo to employees late last night saying it was "optimistic" about bringing Altman, and the several senior employees who left in solidarity with him, back to the company.

Since then, social media users have been preempting Altman's return to OpenAI's offices by posting memes and clips from movies and television shows that highlight the classic archetype of the "hero's journey." The one where the "hero" embarks on a journey, faces a challenge, learns a lesson, and comes out victorious, and, ideally, a bit more enlightened.

Some say it's a metaphor for the human experience. This weekend, though, it's a metaphor for what it's like to run one of the biggest AI companies in Silicon Valley.

Here are a few of the funniest posts Business Insider found on X referring to Altman's possible return:

Sam Altman dancing in as David Byrne

An X user who goes by the name Thinkwert reposted an old clip of Scottish musician David Byrne rehearsing dance moves for the film, Stop Making Sense, as a comparison to Altman practicing his entrance back into OpenAI's offices.

Sam Altman entering like Entourage's Ari Gold

Daniel Merja of Founders Committee Ventures posted a clip from the television show Entourage, in which the character Ari Gold is rehired by the talent agency he was fired from, and returns to the office with a paintball gun — and a vengeance.

"I thought the initial news was very surprising and can only imagine the tension in the office if he comes back as ceo," Merja wrote to Business Insider in a message on X. "The meme was just a joke and i think the people that work at openai are very supportive of sam."

Sam Altman strutting in 'Bollywood Style'

One X user who goes by the name PJ posted a clip from the Bollywood movie Bajirao Mastani, in which the titular warrior, Bajirao, performs a victory dance after a successful battle.

"Sam Altman returning to the OpenAI headquarters on Monday as the CEO," PJ wrote on X.

Sam Altman running into a victory huddle like the iconic ex-UNC coach Roy Williams

One X user posted a clip of the University of North Carolina men's basketball team celebrating in the locker room after a victory against rival Duke University in 2012. The clip shows former coach Roy Williams entering the locker room to the ecstatic cheers of the players.

"POV: Sam Altman returning to the OpenAI office on Monday."

Sam Altman using ChatGPT to announce his return

It's only fitting that Altman would outsource his return memo to ChatGPT, right?

Sam Altman reintroducing himself as K-pop star Psy

The K-pop artist behind the viral hit, Gangnam Style, burst on stage via a trap door for a concert in September. One X user joked that Altman might be re-entering OpenAI the in the same fashion.

"Live footage of Sam Altman getting ready to return as OpenAI CEO," the user wrote.

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