Sacha Baron Cohen uses 'pedophile detector' on Roy Moore

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On the latest Who Is America?, Sacha Baron Cohen once again took on the persona of former Mossad agent Erron,  this time to interview Roy Moore, the disgraced former candidate for U.S. Senate from Alabama. At one point, Cohen took out what he said was a device that could detect sex offenders, especially pedophiles. Of course, this was because multiple women had accused Moore of sexual misconduct, with one woman claiming that Moore had initiated sexual contact when she was 14 and he was 32.

“It is very, very simple to use,” Cohen said. “You just switch it on, and because neither of us are sex offenders, then it makes absolutely nothing. You just put it on, you put it nearby. …” he added — and the device began beeping when he put it near Moore.

Moore said, “I’ve been married for 33 [years] and never had an accusation of such things.” Maybe he just blocks them because, to reiterate, Moore was accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women who were underage at the time of the misconduct. And just months after narrowly losing an election he might have won easily without the allegations, it’s still a sore subject for him.

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Moore ended the interview abruptly, saying, “I am simply cutting this conversation right now.” As Cohen pleaded with him to stay and the wand beeped, Moore added, “I support Israel; I don’t support this kind of stuff.”

Moore should have suspected something when Cohen explained how the wand detects pedophiles: “It turns out that sex offenders, and particularly pedophiles, secrete an enzyme, 4-d dht, which is actually detectable,” Cohen said. “It is three times the level of nonperverts.”

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