Ryan Seacrest’s Embarrassing TSA Encounter

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Ryan Seacrest may have put his foot in his mouth while traveling recently. The co-host of Live With Kelly and Ryan told guest host Cat Deeley that he was at the airport and overheard TSA agents pointing at him and saying back and forth, “Yes, he is. … No, he isn’t.”

Seacrest, expecting the agents to be debating whether he was indeed the Ryan Seacrest of American Idol fame, approached them. He walked over to who he thought was adoring fans, and said, “Yes, it is me. I am Ryan.”

They apparently replied to Seacrest, “No, we know that you are Ryan. We are trying to debate whether you are taller than Wesley Snipes.”

Seacrest seemed to be hurt by the comparison to the famously short actor. He admitted to searching for Snipes’s height. Accounting for a little fibbing on Snipes’s behalf, Seacrest asserted that he was taller.

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