Ryan Reynolds Goes On A Profanity-Laced Pumpkin Spice Rant In Negroni Week Ad

Ryan Reynolds in close up
Ryan Reynolds in close up - Steve Granitz/Getty

Ryan Reynolds has cemented himself as one of the internet's favorite social media figures, taking his undeniable wit and charm from the big screen and using it to craft creative advertisements for his many businesses. In addition to starring in films such as those in the "Deadpool" trilogy, Reynolds has ownership stakes in the Mint Mobile company as well as the Welsh football club Wrexham A.F.C. One of Reynolds' best-known ventures is the Aviation Gin company, which the star holds a joint ownership in and acts as the de-facto brand ambassador for.

The most recent advertisement from that brand features Reynolds issuing a foul-mouthed harangue to pumpkin spice lovers while mixing a beautifully poured Negroni using Aviation gin. In the video, Reynolds jests (while surrounded by gourds, cinnamon sticks, and other autumnal decor) that Aviation Gin will not be buying into the pumpkin spice trend, even going so far as to suggest that the viewer stick a pumpkin-spiced cinnamon stick somewhere unmentionable.

The video, which was uploaded to Reynolds' official social media accounts, including his YouTube channel, serves as an advertisement for Negroni Week. This Imbibe Magazine-launched tradition began in 2013 and has since helped to support a number of charitable organizations to the tune of more than $4 million. While many fans of the business mogul's work laughed along with the ad, some couldn't help but wonder why Reynolds holds such strong negative feelings about pumpkin spice.

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This Isn't Reynold's First Brush With Foul-Mouthed, Relatable Humor

Negroni glass on blue background
Negroni glass on blue background - Ryzhkov Photography/Shutterstock

Ryan Reynolds is not the first person to express fatigue with the endless line of pumpkin spice products and the hype surrounding them, but perhaps nobody else has expressed their distaste quite so vociferously. Realistically, Reynolds likely has no genuine hate for the iconic fall flavoring, but stirring up something of a rivalry between Negroni lovers and pumpkin spice fanatics does seem to be an excellent marketing strategy. Reynolds concludes the video with an apology to the pumpkin spice community, seemingly under duress from the "powerful political lobby" the flavor allegedly has.

This isn't the first time Reynolds has used humor (or profanity) to advertise the Aviation label. In 2021, he premiered a special Father's Day cocktail he called The Vasectomy. In that video, he mixes the drink while reciting a sarcastic tribute to children's ability to keep you on your toes and up at night. And for Mother's Day the next year, he had his own mother narrate the ad for his cocktail Mother's Ruin Punch. As with those earlier ads, fans reacted to the humor and relatability of the anti-pumpkin-spice video, with comments on his Instagram page like, "You just have to love Ryan." Although, one fan responded with a challenge: "Make a pumpkin spice negroni, coward."

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