Ryan Phillippe accused of brutally beating ex-girlfriend while 'drunk and high'

Jennifer Kline, AOL.com

Ryan Phillippe is facing serious domestic abuse and drug allegations from his ex-girlfriend, who is going after the actor in a bombshell new lawsuit.

Model Elsie Hewitt is accusing Phillippe of abusing alcohol, illegal drugs including cocaine, ecstasy and mushrooms, and violently beating her: According to the lawsuit, Phillippe, 43, "picked Hewitt up like a doll" and threw her down a flight of stairs -- twice.

In addition, "Phillippe repeatedly grabbed Hewitt, struck her, cornered her, kicked her, and aggressively pushed her to the ground," the documents read. The incident allegedly occurred while Phillippe was "drunk and high."

Hewitt, 21, supplied a number of photographs showing bruising that she says were a result of the July 3 incident.

People cites an anonymous source who tells a different story: "Elsie showed up to Ryan’s house uninvited and under the influence a few days after he had broken up with her,” the source claims. “She physically attacked Ryan, caused a scene and refused to leave his home. As she was removed from the premises, she claims she fell and injured herself.”

Phillippe's official camp has also issued a statement: "As a staunch advocate for the health, well-being and equality of women, Ryan is completely devastated that these false allegations have been made and circulated," a rep told E! News. "Domestic violence is an incredibly serious issue and fabricated and proven false claims should not be used to unjustly slander the falsely accused. The claims are false." 

Phillippe was previously married to Reese Witherspoon from 1999 to 2007. They share two children. Phillippe also has a third child born in 2011.

In a presumably unreleated post, Witherspoon, who won an Emmy for "Big Little Lies" on Sunday, posted an Instagram as the story gained traction online. "Today's vibe," she captioned the photo, which reads, "Positive Energy."

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