Ryan Gosling Freaks Out Over Greta Gerwig Snub in Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars Promo | Video

Jimmy Kimmel is hosting the Oscars once again this year and, with just a few weeks left until the show, he’s getting some help from the cast of “Barbie” — though he definitely doesn’t understand America Ferrera’s empowering speech.

In the first Oscars promo for the show, Kimmel struggles to find his way to “Oscarsland,” so he enlists the help of Kate McKinnon’s Weird Barbie, who maps out the way for him. Of course, first she needs to figure out who he is, guessing maybe “Mid-Life Crisis Ken” or possibly “Lost Everything in the Divorce Ken.”

“It’s a pretty straight shot through ‘The Zone of Interest, past ‘Past Lives,’ over ‘Anatomy of a Fall,’ and all the way to Carnegie Hall,” she explains as she traverses the 10 Best Picture nominees.

Eventually, the duo gets on the road in “the Weird Wagon” and, just like in “Barbie” itself, cross over a series of fake journeys. They run into Emma Stone’s Bella Baxter on the water (from “Poor Things”), who Weird Barbie refers to as “Even Weirder Barbie” — her cousin.

Upon arriving at the Dolby Theater, “Barbie” star America Ferrera pops in to give Kimmel a new version of her now-famous monologue.

“It’s literally impossible to host the Oscars,” she says. “You have to be extraordinary, but somehow you’re always doing it wrong. Like, you have to make fun of people, but you can’t make too much fun of people. And you have to give everybody enough time, but you can’t go long. And you are the center of attention, but almost nobody cares you’re there.”

She continues, “You can never show off, never fall down, never fail, never show fear. Nobody says thank you, and everybody has something critical to say online. If it goes well, no one says anything. But if it doesn’t, it’s your fault.”

Kimmel fully agrees, realizing “hosting the Oscars is even harder than being a woman” — which, “no, no that’s not at all what I was saying,” Ferrera shoots back.

The promo wraps with an appearance from Ken himself, Ryan Gosling, decked out in his “I Am Kenough” hoodie and munching on In ‘n Out. But when he’s informed that Greta Gerwig was not nominated for Best Director, he quite literally freaks out, sending the promo out on a literal high note.

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