The Rush: The right and wrong ways to fight in sports

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To hit, or not to hit…that is the question!

If you are Yasiel Puig hitting a catcher who is wearing a mask, the answer is obviously no.  Okay, well it wasn’t obvious to the Dodgers star when he slapped the rival Giants’ Nick Hundley.  Memo to Puig…the slapper is more likely to get injured than the slapee when said slapee’s face is protected by metal.

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Jimmie Ward on the other hand, well he thought things through when he mixed it up with DeAndre Hopkins during a joint practice on Wednesday.  The 49ers safety knocked the Texans star wideout’s helmet off before throwing punches…several punches.

The Niners and Texans are facing off in a preseason game on Saturday so we’ll see then if any hard feelings remain.

Speaking of helmets, the NFL is attempting to do some damage control regarding its new “Use of Helmet” policy.  Spoiler alert… we still don’t get it.  Watch the video to see the league’s not-so-slick attempt at making sense of the new rule.

CJ McCollum is trying to make sense of why some comments he made last month about free agents jumping on the Warriors bandwagon are just now making headlines.  In response to a mean tweet he received, the Blazers star inadvertently created the next great sports hashtag.  Check out the video to see how it all played out.

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