The Rush: Richie Incognito Unleashed Hell on Mike Zimmer on Twitter

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Nothing good ever comes from a proverbial he-said-she-said argument except good television, proverbially speaking. Especially when Riche Incognito is on one end of that argument.

Tuesday, the retired linemen, known more for off-field controversy than his play with the Rams, Dolphins or Bills, went nuclear on Twitter. In a since-deleted tweet @68INCOGNITO said, “Mike Zimmer is a F-CKING LIAR” (but made sure to include the “U”).

Evidently Incognito was furious that Zimmer told reporters   on Tuesday  that the Minnesota Vikings had “no interest” in the linemen’s services, and that Incognito’s claims that the organization had called him about a potential contract were “totally false.”

One thing is for sure: if the Vikings ever had the slightest interest in bringing Incognito out of retirement, they don’t now.

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