The Rush: Did This Really Need to Be Said About Kate Upton?

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Justin Verlander has a lot going for him these days. In 2017 he took in $28 million dollars for his services, and this year, at age 35, he’s still pitching like a beast. In fact, his 2.19 ERA is the lowest of his career. He’s also married to Kate Upton, which is probably the accomplishment he most proud of on his Wikipedia.

Life hasn’t always been so sunny for the Astros ace though. In an interview with Bleacher Report published   Thursday, the Astros ace opened up about a deep depression that overwhelmed him in 2014 when he thought he was facing a career-ending injury.

Eventually, he got healthy again and shook the depression. How, you ask? Simply by being with Upton.  “She was instrumental in me not …like, jumping off a bridge,” he revealed to Bleacher Report.


Any way you try to phrase this ‘revelation’ –  ‘Millionaire Adored by Kate Upton is No Longer Depressed’ – just seems like an insult to the rest of us, doesn’t it?

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