The Rush: Ode to Sports Fandom

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The Rush wants to celebrate you…the fans!  We’ve got you covered with the good, the bad and the funny of sports fandom.

Japanese soccer fans are out in full force at the World Cup, and they have a tradition you have to see to believe! The custom has rubbed off on fans from around the world, and even The Rush host Jared Quay.

Less hospitable are Rockets fans who are hating on the competition.  Ayesha Curry, wife of Warriors star Steph, is opening up a new restaurant in Houston and the rival Rockets fans are having None. Of. It…letting Mrs. Curry know what’s up on her restaurant’s Yelp page.  Yikes.

Perhaps the funniest fan you’ll ever see comes to us from the College World Series, where a Mississippi State super fan went above and beyond all rational means to make his way to Omaha.

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