The Rush: LeBron vs. Draymond suit shorts duel, line drive drops Clay Matthews

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Yahoo Sports’ new show The Rush digs deep into the biggest moments in sports and reveals the must-see internet antics of the day. The Rush’s take on sports news and trending topics is always on point, but slightly off color.

Game 2 of the NBA Finals wasn’t exactly riveting, but the pregame spectacle was! From LeBron James and Draymond Green’s dueling suit-shorts to JR Smith being trolled by the home crowd in Oakland, The Rush recaps the good, bad and ugly of Cavs v. Warriors.

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Meanwhile, NFL players Clay Matthews and Julio Jones riveted crowds in a bad way, as both made failed attempts at crossing over into other sports.

Finally, The Rush likes to close things out on a positive note with, “What’s Good,” showcasing the best videos the internet has to offer.

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