The Rush: LeBron James disappoints Lakers fans before playing a single game

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LeBron James’ tenure in Los Angeles is already off to a rocky start, and the guy hasn’t even played a game yet! After a tweet that insinuated LeBron might show up at a free pizza giveaway (at a restaurant chain in which he is an investor), hundreds of Lakers fans spent all day in line hoping to get a glimpse of the NBA superstar…and get a free pie.

The Rush’s own Jared Quay even went to the Blaze Pizza location, hoping to see his favorite player.  Check out the video to see the ecstasy and agony of being stood up by LeBron James.

Also disappointed? Celtics star Gordon Hayward, whose wife posted quite an anticlimactic video of the family’s baby gender reveal stunt. Gordon is none too pleased with the outcome of the big reveal and he doesn’t even try to hide it, which makes for a hilarious video.

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