The Rush: LeBron dons Lakers uniform, trolls haters on social media

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LeBron James deserves an honorary doctorate in trolling.  He’s taken on the president, Laura Ingram and now all the other haters out there.  All it took was an Instagram story of King James rocking his Laker uniform and Kobe’s kicks.  Check out the video to see LeBron’s mic drop.

All it took for the NCAA to start changing its rules was….an FBI investigation.  College basketball’s governing body announced that among other things, it would allow “elite” players to not retain an agent as early as high school, but if the player goes undrafted, he or she would maintain college eligibility.

Apparently $70 million worth of Air Jordans are ineligible for that certificate of authenticity.  Homeland Security busted five dudes for running a multi-million dollar shoe smuggling operation.  Check your feet, folks!

And finally, YouTube personality Logan Paul made an ass of himself, yet again.  He and his brother are interested in starting a UFC career because of extensive experience…on the high school wrestling team.  Watch the video to find out which fighter the Paul Bros want to take on in the Octagon.  Here’s a hint.  It wouldn’t end well for either of them…even if they fought this guy 2-on-1.

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