The Rush: Jimmy Butler’s excuse for throwing a tantrum at practice is…

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Jimmy Butler threw a temper tantrum at the Timberwolves practice on Wednesday, going HAM on his teammates. Jimmy, the self-proclaimed GOAT, yelled to teammates, “you f***ing need me. You can’t win without me!”  Now, Jimmy might be right about that, but the nerve of this guy! Can you believe it? He hasn’t won s*%! in the NBA, so we here at The Rush think he should cool his jets. That got us thinking about folks who have the resume to make such bold proclamations.  Check out the video to see who made our short list.

Team Kaepernick filed a trademark for the former NFL star’s face and hair.  Yes, Colin Kaepernick’s legal team submitted the image to be trademarked and in the filing, specified that the black and white art could be used for anything from empowerment seminars to retail items.  The Rush host Jared Quay feels like he missed a golden opportunity to trademark his fourth grade hairdo. You’ll see what we mean in the video.

The Predators were in a celebratory mood during a banner-raising ceremony before their home opener in Nashville. We don’t know whether to laugh or cry at their bizarre banner choices.  Watch the video to see the Preds’ bewildering banner selection and just keep in mind…they didn’t win the Stanley Cup last season. Hell, they didn’t even make it to the Stanley Cup Final last season!

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