The Rush: Jerry Jones wants his players to do what!?

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With only a week to go before the NFL begins its 2018 season, Jerry Jones revealed his plans for the 2019 season and beyond. He wants to eliminate two pre-season games and add two regular season games. Jones went out of his way to minimize the risk to his players. In fact, he said that an eighteen game regular season would actually be “physically better for the players”. While a longer regular season is sure to line his already lined pockets and delight the Cowboys’ rabid fan base, it’s unclear how an extra eight quarters of football wouldn’t lead to more concussions, torn ACL’s and non-guaranteed contracts being voided.

Bill Belichick was typically grumpy at his press conference yesterday. When asked whether the Patriots were scouting the other thirty-one teams for players that may be free agents after cut day, he said:

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What do you think we’re doing? We’re in camp. We don’t have watermelon rolls and badminton contests and all that.”

Badminton contests are pretty self-explanatory. And after some light Googling, watermelon rolls presented themselves as well. But it’s anyone’s guess what The Hoodie meant by ‘and all that’.

And finally, CBS is doing its best to ensure the NFL truly stands for No Fun League. The network informed their announcers that they’re not to mention gambling at all during any of their NFL broadcasts. Sports gambling was just legalized in the US. And it’s already a $250 billion industry. But when it comes to football Sunday, don’t expect any talk of lines, spreads or over/unders when the game is on CBS.

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