The Rush: Even Rob Riggle is outraged by the NFL’s helmet rule

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Who isn’t mad at the NFL these days? Defensive and offensive players alike have taken to Twitter to express their outrage over the league’s new/confusing/unintelligible rule regarding helmet contact and penalties.  Comedian, football fan and star of the new show “Rob Riggle’s Master Ski Academy,” (premiering August 23 on Sony Crackle) Rob Riggle joins Jared as co-host of today’s show.  Rob helps Jared get through a whip around of the day’s headlines and has a thing or two to say about the NFL’s latest shenanigans.

Plus, Ronda Rousey is once again carrying a championship belt… just not one belonging to the UFC. Watch the video to find out how much money Ronda’s old boss Dana White says the UFC is worth these days.  We’re not sure if we buy the number he’s selling us!

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