The Rush: Is Bronny James Really Not Good Enough For The JBA?

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LaVar Ball is back in the news. Not satisfied with taking on LeBron, he’s set his sights on another target: Bronny James. LaVar’s upstart basketball league, the JBA, finished up its inaugural season last week, and he wasted no time throwing shade at Prince James by saying if he wants to join the JBA:


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He gotta try out and make sure he’s good enough. He’s not good enough. He’s only like 14 years old … Yeah, he’s good enough for college, but the JBA is a step above that.


Meanwhile, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods started promoting their Thanksgiving one-on-one match by engaging in a little Twitter battle. A very little Twitter battle. Their games on the golf course are unimpeachable. The same can’t be said for their beefing skills.


Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. Those who can’t do anything, play air guitar. And those who play air guitar well, are descending on Finland for the Air Guitar World Championships, starting tonight. It’s 1/3 sporting event, 1/3 comedy show and 1/3 rock concert. What it all adds up to is a complete and total waste of everyone’s time.



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