The Rush: Beast Mode in high school is here to warm your soul

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Fan favorite and hometown hero Marshawn Lynch turned back the clock on Monday night. His Raiders lost, but Beast Mode went old school, dragging the entire Rams defense into the endzone for a touchdown to the delight of all Oakland fans. The next day, he delighted everyone else when a picture of his high school yearbook went viral. The internet wasted no time roasting Marshawn for looking like Steve Urkel after he stepped into the transformation machine.

Nationals catcher Spencer Kieboom hit his first major league home run in yesterday’s tilt against the Phillies. But the real story was what he did when he stepped into the box. Before going yard for the first time, Kieboom spit out a tooth. It’s unclear exactly how he lost the tooth, but while rounding the bases he can be seen pointing to the gap where his canine tooth used to be. Baseball players are known for being superstitious, but a tradition of spitting out one tooth before every at bat is not sustainable.

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