The Rush: Aaron Rodgers earns his paycheck on one leg

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Some things in life are guaranteed: death, taxes, Aaron Rodgers is a beast, and the Browns can’t win. The first Sunday of the NFL season only reinforced that adage. Even an injury to his leg that left him carted off the field couldn’t stop Aaron Rodgers. He returned and threw for 273 second half yards to rally the Packers from their 20-0 deficit, eventually winning the game 24-23.

The Browns had no such luck. They entered the season on a 17 game losing streak. They did manage to rally from 14 down in the second half to force overtime. However, both teams missed potential game-winning field goals before the clock ran out, leaving the Steelers and Browns knotted at 21 for the first tie of the NFL season. While it wasn’t a win, the Cleveland faithful can be proud that their team didn’t lose for the first time in almost two years.

The fallout from the women’s US Open Finals continues. Serena Williams was officially fined $17,000 for her three controversial infractions during her match with Naomi Osaka. The championship match was the rare sporting event that left the loser, the victor and the spectators all in tears.

Nobody cried during the Jags Giants game, which is a good thing considering how much trash talk has been dished out by Jacksonville’s star DB Jalen Ramsey.  He went up against one of the best receivers in Odell Beckham Jr., and while New York lost the contest, ODB had nothing to be ashamed of, logging pretty decent numbers against Ramsey.  Check out the video to see how the two hooked up after the game, seeming to get along great.

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