The Rush: How Aaron Rodgers can spend $103M in Green Bay

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Aaron Rodgers is the latest player to strike it rich on the NFL contract carousel.  The two-time league MVP is now the richest man in the league after inking a 4-year extension worth a whopping $134M!  The Packers QB is taking home an annual salary of $33.5M and an insane $103M guaranteed.  So insane, that we here at The Rush asked ourselves, “how could one possibly spend $103M in the city of Green Bay?”  Spoiler alert…we cracked the case and yes, it is humanly possible to spend that much money in Green Bay. Watch the video to see how we’d burn through that cash in Green Bay if we had the chance.

If you have the chance to engage in insider trading, promptly pass on the opportunity.  That’s the lesson we’ve learned from linebacker Mychal Kendricks who, the day it was announced the feds had filed  charges against him for insider training, was cut by the Browns.  And getting cut by the Browns is a serious low point in any man’s life.  Not to add insult to injury, but in his statement admitting that he knew his behavior was wrong, Mychal used a fairly laughable excuse to blame a friend for his actions.  Check out the video to see our take on his poor choice of words.

And on a positive note, a new record was set in Major League Baseball yesterday when the Astros logged the league’s 81st walkoff home run of the season. It’s been quite a season and thankfully we still have a few months left on the calendar!

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