Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft are best buddies again

New England Patriots fans will never forgive NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for deflate-gate, but it appears Pats owner Robert Kraft has moved on.

Before deflate-gate, the ridiculous and unfounded witch hunt against the Patriots over under-inflated footballs, Kraft and Goodell were close. In fact, many speculated that the Patriots were over-punished in deflate-gate so Goodell could show other owners he doesn’t give Kraft preferential treatment.

If deflate-gate strained that friendship, it seems like everyone has forgiven and forgot. Goodell attended the opening of the Kraft Family Sports Complex in Jerusalem. Everyone seemed happy.

Kraft’s anger probably dissipated in the afterglow of the Super Bowl LI win. And Goodell insisted the friendship never changed.

Robert is very important to me personally … ” Goodell told The Jerusalem Post’s Allon Sinai, via’s Around the League blog. “My friendship with Robert was never strained. We both understand that we have jobs …

I know how important this is for him. My respect and admiration for him has never waned. We believe our best days are ahead.”

It’s really hard to believe Kraft and Goodell carried on through deflate-gate like nothing happened. Kraft had some angry quotes throughout the ordeal, and his entire fan base is still spitting fire over Goodell’s treatment of the team and quarterback Tom Brady.

That’s all in the past, at least for Kraft. We’ll see how the Patriots fans react if Goodell attends the season opener in Foxborough.

Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft have patched up whatever differences they had. (AP)
Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft have patched up whatever differences they had. (AP)

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