Robin Thicke's girlfriend, April Love Geary, fights back after being shamed for breastfeeding photo

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Photo: Instagram/April Love Geary
Photo: Instagram/April Love Geary

What’s the difference between a breastfeeding photo and a tοpless pic? According to model April Love Geary and reality star Chanelle Hayes, a lot.

MOM pic by baby daddy @robinthicke

A post shared by April Love Geary (@aprillovegeary) on Apr 21, 2018 at 2:38pm PDT

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Over the weekend, Geary posted a photo of herself breastfeeding her new baby, Mia Love, and Hayes had something to say about it.

Hayes, a Big Brother alum, took to Twitter Sunday to share her dislike of breastfeeding photos and used Geary’s recent post as an example. “I’m all for breastfeeding and having a choice how to feed your baby but WHY do people feel the need to post pictures of themselves doing it?! Especially the new pic of Robin Thicke’s gf! She’s got hair done, makeup on, both bοοbs out. So strange. What’s the need?? #opinions,” she tweeted.

Unsurprisingly, her opinionated post sparked a major debate about normalizing breastfeeding and the harm of shaming moms. As for Geary, when she saw the Hayes tweet, she didn’t sit idly by. Instead, she did some serious recon.

The mother of two posted a sexy topless photo of Hayes with a fierce caption pointing out the hypocrisy in Hayes’s tweet.

Of course, Geary, who’s not only shared breastfeeding photos before, but also topless and lingerie shots, is all for showing a little skin and being proud of your body — it’s the hate she has a problem with. “Not that taking nudes are wrong! The naked body is a beautiful thing! But don’t be a hypocrite mama .”

Since Geary and angry followers responded, Hayes has defended her tweet. “I don’t think it should be done discreetly,” she wrote earlier today.

When one fan suggested that photos like this could help in normalizing breastfeeding, Hayes had this to say: “Breast feeding doesn’t need normalising. It’s been done (myself included) for YEARS. Why do we need to normalise something that was around before we all were? Lol it’s bizarre that we feel we need to do this.”

Later, she clarified that she did breastfeed publicly and privately; she just never felt the need to capture and share the moment. She did however, share her topless pregnancy photos.

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