Robert De Niro and Asa Butterfield Become 'Best Friends' in Funny New Uber One Ad: Watch (Exclusive)

The commercial featuring the Oscar winner and the 'Sex Education' star will air in the U.K.

Robert De Niro forms a tight bond with Asa Butterfield in a new commercial for Uber One.

The clip opens with the Oscar-winning Raging Bull legend, 80, sitting in a director’s chair eating takeout on a set when Sex Education star Butterfield, 26, tentatively approaches and awkwardly asks him, “So, ah, you eat food?”

De Niro responds, “Do I eat food? Yeah, I eat food. Do you eat food?”

“I love food. I had food for breakfast,” Butterfield tells him.

“Oh, well good for you,” says De Niro.

<p>Uber</p> Asa Butterfield and Robert De Niro bond in a new Uber One ad.


Asa Butterfield and Robert De Niro bond in a new Uber One ad.

After an awkward pause, Butterfield asks him, “Do you go places?” De Niro once again responds in the affirmative.

Butterfield says he, too, enjoys going places: “I love places. I go— went to this place, just well, just now.”

“Which place is that? Here?” De Niro asks. Butterfield replies, “Yeah. I was there and then, and now I’m here."

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“You were there and you came here? Wow.” De Niro says. “Look at that. We both eat food and we both go places.”

Their common interests established, music swells as Butterfield says in a voiceover, “And that’s when I knew, I was gonna be best friends with Robert De Niro.”

The commercial shows the pair doing a variety of activities together, including riding in the back of a car, where Butterfield shows him all about Uber One, a subscription service that offers perks like discounts on Uber rides and Uber Eats food delivery.

De Niro and Butterfield then take their Uber to go shopping at a boutique where they try on clothes. After that, they get smoothies and play on swings in a park before eating more takeout at an apartment and playing ping pong.

While the Uber driver looks on from the rearview mirror, Butterfield shows De Niro how to use photo filters, adding cat ears to one of their selfies. “We can be cats. I mean, not really, but…” says Butterfield.

“But why would you wanna be a cat? You’re human,” De Niro deadpans. “Cats should wanna be humans.”

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<p>Uber</p> Robert De Niro and Asa Butterfield go for a ride in a new Uber One ad.


Robert De Niro and Asa Butterfield go for a ride in a new Uber One ad.

To cap off their day together, De Niro and Butterfield are driven to an overlook where they watch fireworks together.

Maya Gallego Spiers, head of marketing UKI at Uber and Uber Eats, said in a press release; “Our new campaign aims to let people know that Uber One is a membership for people who eat food and go places, which is just about everyone."

"With Uber One, members can save money on Uber and Uber Eats, and it's already being enjoyed by over 1 million people in the U.K," said Spiers. "For our first-ever Uber One campaign we've been lucky enough to work with the incredibly brilliant Robert De Niro and Asa Butterfield, who have brought this campaign to life beautifully on screen.”

Butterfield can be seen in the fourth and final season of Sex Education, which debuted its last batch of episodes on Netflix in September.

De Niro currently stars in Martin Scorsese's drama Killers of the Flower Moon, now in theaters.

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