Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Claims Trump Is Best Debater Since Lincoln

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has transitioned from making dubious statements about vaccines to making dubious statements about former President Donald Trump’s debating skills.

During an interview with Megyn Kelly Thursday, Kennedy, who announced his run for president in April, was discussing whether President Joe Biden will participate in debates with fellow Democratic opponents like Kennedy or Marianne Williamson.

The Democratic Party currently has no plans to hold primary debates, which Kennedy claims is unfair to voters — even though the incumbent president’s party typically does not hold a primary debate for the seat.

During Thursday’s interview, Kennedy suggested that it would behoove Biden to participate in a primary debate since “President Trump has shown himself to be the most devastating debater, probably, since Abraham Lincoln.”

Kennedy said the key to this so-called success is Trump’s “capacity to obliterate and dispatch opponents,” and said that “President Biden needs to be on his toes.”

He then suggested that Biden not participating in a primary debate ― much like Trump, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush during their reelection campaigns ― would be like asking a prizefighter to train for a match “sitting on a couch eating Chick-fil-A.”

Considering both Kennedy’s father, Robert F. Kennedy, and his uncle, former president John F. Kennedy, were known to be good debaters, many Twitter users were shocked by the claim that Trump may be better.

The skepticism was mainly due to the fact that Trump’s debating style in 2024 is likely to be nothing more than regurgitated lies about the 2020 election, dodged questions, steamrolled fact-checks and general antagonism.