Robb Recommends: The Luxe Scrub and Serum Designed for Your Body, Not Your Face

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For most of us, our grooming regimen fixates on the face. This makes perfect sense since it’s the thing we stare at in the mirror each day, and often the most prone to things like acne, signs of aging, signs of tiredness, etc… But still, there’s a lot more surface area to cover below the neck, and the skin across the rest of your body has its own unique issues. The skin on the body is much drier than that on your face; on top of that, parts of your body (like your hands, elbows, knees, and feet) are extremely susceptible to textural problems due to dryness or buildup of dead skin.

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When it comes to body skincare though, the regimen is so disproportionate to what we give the face. Most people call it good after a wash and possibly a body lotion, but even the latter is overlooked by many. But let me tell you: Few things feel as wonderful as freshly buffed, thoroughly nourished skin from the neck down. It can send a tingling sensation throughout your entire body, especially in that hour after you buff things clean. This wonderful feeling is magnified when a brand loads its body-exfoliating and -nourishing products with exceptional ingredients. Enter one of our favorite luxury brands Dr. Barbara Sturm, with two new body care products in the past month—Anti-Aging Body Scrub and Anti-Aging Body Serum.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Aging Body Scrub

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Dr. Sturm’s first-ever body exfoliant hatched on April 27. I got trigger-happy with it on first use, scrubbing myself clean from head to toe. Thanks to its inclusion of both sea salt and brown sugar, this gritty mixture polishes the skin down to a marbled smoothness. But those aren’t the true hero ingredients here, because you could go out and get any sugar or salt scrub at the drugstore. Instead, this version’s base is made of almond oil, plum kernel oil, squalane, and mango seed butter, a combination that helps skin feel both nourished and smoothed. I used this scrub as the last step in my shower regimen, after washing everything head to toe. A quick rinse of the sugar and salt allows the skin to soak up the nourishing oils, along with additional moisture-preserving ingredients including Vitamin F and sea fennel extract, as well as the Sturm-staple purslane, which is one of the multiple proactive anti-aging ingredients in play.

There’s a fine line to toe with this scrub, though, because its efficacy makes you want to deploy it every day. Instead, I suggest spacing out its use, maybe once a week, and enjoying the smoothness without depleting your precious stock. Between those scrub downs, you can follow the shower with Sturm’s other recent release:

Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Aging Body Serum

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I’ve got to project equal fanfare for Sturm’s new body serum, a great complement to both the aforementioned scrub, as well as Dr. Sturm’s beloved anti-aging face serum. (In fact, it joins the stellar roster of “Super Anti-Aging” products from the label, which also includes the recent cushioning Anti-Aging Cleansing Cream launch.)

I think this serum would especially suit those who want to counter stretch marks or expedite wound turnover (be it from back acne or even a recent surgery). But I used it primarily on my driest extremities—my hangnail-prone fingers, dry knuckles, ashy elbows and knees, and callused heels. Then I layered a cream over top—guess which hand and body creams?—and found that my skin grew more resistant to the wear and tear from dry air, hot water, hand sanitizer, physical activity, and the like.

The deeply penetrating liquid works on a more long-term corrective level as opposed to the more immediate fixes provided by heavier layers. Still, those denser layers are imperative in order to trap the serum inside the skin, so be sure to use both types of products in order to get said results. A couple of the key ingredients are holdovers from that facial serum (the ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid, and again, the antioxidant-rich purslane), while the overall formula is better suited for deployment into the body’s thicker, dryer skin. Those dedicated ingredients include brown algae extract for further hydration and to boost collagen synthesis, biosaccharides to boost radiance, as well as a complex comprised of lima bean extract, peptides, and bioflavonoids to keep skin firm and resilient.

Here’s a luxe brand with “no skips” when it comes to a product roster, even while the assortment expands rapidly. As Dr. Barbara Sturm continues covering more bases with her product roster, it’s becoming even more exciting as a fan of hers to guess which aspect of grooming she’ll try her hands at next. For now, though, we’re excited that she’s beginning to put as much attention on the rest of our body’s biggest organ as she has on our faces.

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