#RipTwitter Trends as Right-Wingers Disapprove of Elon Musk’s New CEO Hire: ‘The Death of the Platform’

Right-wing Twitter users are feeling betrayed by Elon Musk, who on Friday announced former NBCUniversal advertising executive Linda Yaccarino would be taking over as the social media site’s CEO. Republicans and MAGA supporters on the site are evidently shocked Musk would appoint someone as left-leaning as Yaccarino, and used #RipTwitter to voice their disdain.

“Twitter users are mourning the death of the platform,” wrote Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis, an outspoken anti-vaccine proponent. “The #RipTwitter was trending this afternoon. And the feed was filled with posts and videos about Elon Musk’s newly appointed CEO, Linda Yaccarino. Absolutely correct!”

Before being brought on as Twitter’s new chief executive, Yaccarino worked as the chair of advertising sales at NBCUniversal. Among the complaints about Yaccarino’s hiring are her association with the World Economic Forum, a global lobbying organization for multinational companies. Right-wingers have described the organization as an anti-capitalist force that is spreading “neoliberalism.” Along with #RipTwitter, users threw out #WEFPuppet to describe Yaccarino.

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Musk announced Yaccarino’s hiring on Twitter Friday morning, stating that she will “focus on business operations” while he focuses on “product design & new technology.” He also added that Twitter will eventually be transformed into a new “X” platform, which he deemed “the everything app.” Musk will remain at Twitter as executive chair and CTO.

Twitter has become more of a hub for far-right voices since Musk’s purchase of the tech giant, and Musk himself has said he will be voting Republican in the next election—making his appointment of Yaccarino all the more shocking to some. Here are some more complaints about Yaccarino from the right:

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