Ring the Alarm — Christina Aguilera Co-Founded a Lube Brand

You know, to help with rubbing the right way.

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In a twist of events that we definitely did have on our 2023 bingo card, Christina Aguilera just announced the arrival of her own lube brand, Playground. As one of the great sex icons of our generation (Hi, Xtina!), the pop diva is now taking her talents out of the spotlight to serve as the sexual wellness brand’s co-founder and chief brand advisor — a career move she told People was a “very natural progression for me personally.”

“[I hope to] inspire other women to feel comfortable with talking about their experiences and owning their body and their sexuality and what that means to them, because every woman is different,” Aguilera said of Playground’s launch. “I've gotten to know my vagina well over the last 42 years. And literally there are pleasure points that keep opening up as you get older.”

She continued, “And that's something that I've really noticed. There's four different places that I can orgasm from around my vagina, and that is the truth.”

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But don’t think that being single means you have to sit out on the fun. Aguilera explains that the new line of lube — which comes in four unique flavors: Love Sesh, After Hours, Mini Escape, and Date Night — is great for everyone, no matter your relationship status.

“Even if you don't have a partner, you can have your own date night with yourself, so I kind of love that about it,” she said. “We travel. We don't always have access to other people. Get to know yourself early so that you can lead a more pleasurable life.”

<p>getty images</p>

getty images

She finished by stressing the importance of vaginal care’s inclusion in any self-care routine: “It's very interesting because when you break it down, we don't think twice about going into a store and buying something for our face, moisturizer, a product for our hair. But we don't really give the time and attention that is valid for our vaginas when they need extra love and care, too."

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