RHODubai : Caroline Stanbury's Wedding Weekend Off to a 'Nightmare' Start After COVID Outbreak

After weeks of build-up, viewers of The Real Housewives of Dubai are getting one step closer to seeing Caroline Stanbury tie the knot to Sergio Carrallo — but things are not going as planned for the bride-to-be.

The 46-year-old mom of three was seen getting ready for her engagement party during Wednesday's episode when she filled in her glam team about her wedding stresses.

"Yesterday was a complete f---ing nightmare," Caroline said. "Lost the party planner, lost the saxophone guy. Lost all to COVID."

The former Ladies of London star even considered calling the weekend off thanks to the global pandemic.

"Every day, I'm finding guests can't come, airlines have been closed from certain countries and at this point, there are so many things closed down," Caroline said in a confessional. "Maybe we should cancel, but people have already arrived and you can't!"

After Caroline complained to her fiancé that she needs to "re-do the table plans because they've all gone to s--- now," she shared with the 27-year-old that "half the people have dropped out" of their nuptial celebrations.

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DUBAI -- Season:1 -- Pictured: Caroline Stanbury
THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DUBAI -- Season:1 -- Pictured: Caroline Stanbury

Chris Haston/Bravo Caroline Stanbury

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As the episode continued, the Divorced Not Dead podcast host — who requested her guests dress head-to-toe in white — saw former frienemy Chanel Ayan's outfit and she lost her mind yet again.

"Is someone in a f---ing wedding dress?" she asked her friend as she held hands with Sergio in the car and pulled up to the desert venue.

Her friend confirmed as Caroline did her best to stay calm over the matter. "Chanel is in a wedding gown," Caroline told Sergio.

"Are you f---ing kidding me right now?" he angrily responded.

caroline stanbury, Sergio Carrallo
caroline stanbury, Sergio Carrallo

Louis Gabriel

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"That has to be the biggest slap in the face any guest can do to a bride," Caroline said as cameras showed Chanel decked out in a white bodysuit and cape. "Anybody else with any ounce of etiquette would understand you don't go to a woman's wedding in a wedding dress."

Caroline then got out of the car and approached Chanel, who was seated with some of the ladies, and confronted her over her bold outfit choice.

"Oh my God, why do I have a train? She has a train," Chanel said through giggles before Caroline could get to her.

"Did you come as me?" asked Caroline, who wore a tulle, white dress and white boots. She later added in a confessional, "The lace, the train, the veil and the blond wig -- I look less bridal than her!"

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DUBAI -- Season:1 -- Pictured: Chanel Ayan
THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DUBAI -- Season:1 -- Pictured: Chanel Ayan

Chris Haston/Bravo Chanel Ayan

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It was clear Chanel knew she didn't make the best fashion choice and although she attempted to mend the situation by complimenting Caroline multiple times, the bride-to-be wasn't having it.

Caroline then referred to her RHODubai costar as "the rudest wedding guest ever."

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To add to the weekend's stresses, Nina Ali was still dealing with her father's illness as he battled a virus in the hospital.

"I just want my dad back home," she said through tears on her way to the party, adding how his condition wasn't improving. "That's all I want. That's all I want is for him to be back home."

The episode concluded with a dramatic cliffhanger as Caroline Brooks and Dr. Sara Al Madani picked up where they left off in last week's episode after Caroline B. got into a massive fight with her boyfriend and Sara.

Caroline B. and Sara separately filled their friends in on what happened, as Caroline B. shared how she felt attacked over what appeared to be a giant misunderstanding over some parenting advice.

"Don't scream! This conversation ends if you don't stop screaming," Sara said calmly.

"Words have context, Sara," Caroline B. added. "I dare you to do something,"

Sara jabbed back, saying she wants this version of Caroline to be dropped and for the real one to come out. "I don't think you have the guts to do anything."

With the wedding taking place next week, viewers will have to wait another week to find out how the wedding weekend pushes through all these dramatic issues.

The Real Housewives of Dubai airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.