Reviewers drag 'Madame Web,' as social media reacts to Dakota Johnson's odd press run

"Madame Web" was released in U.S. theaters on Valentine's Day, but before it hit big the screen, reviews began funneling in and all social media users could talk about was leading actress Dakota Johnson's "hilarious" and "chaotic" press run.

The Spider-Man spinoff flopped after Sony Pictures estimated a $15.2 million weekend and a six-day $25.8 million haul. The film's numbers fell behind Sony's most recent superhero effort, "Morbius," which had a $39 million domestic opening weekend.

'Madame Web' given less-than-stellar reviews

The film received a C+ CinemaScore from audiences while critics gave "Madame Web" 13% "fresh rating" on Rotten Tomatoes.

Allen Almachar, a Tomatometer-approved critic, wrote "I’m a firm believer that to know what a good movie is, one needs to know what a bad one is as well. I think we all know where this one lands."

Joseph Garcia, a Tomatometer-approved critic from the Dynamic Duel Podcast, wrote that "A beautiful arc regarding motherhood can't save the film from its clunky dialogue, lack of superhero action, subpar performances and forgettable characters."

Johnson, who plays Cassandra Webb in "Madame Web," may have dampened the movie's reception during its press tour as fans and outlets could not stop discussing her peculiar actions and comments.

Johnson wrongly named Marvel's Spider-Man films

"Madame Web" coincides with Marvel's Spider-Man films, but in an interview with YouTuber Josh Horowitz, Johnson could not name any of them correctly.

Horowitz asked Johnson if she could "name the three Tom Holland Spider-Man movies," and the 34-year-old actress replied with a reluctant, "Yeah."

"Spider-Man: Here He Comes," "Spider-Man: And He's Back" and "The Goblet of Spider-Man" were the three film names Johnson said. None of them were correct, something social media user, Andy Herren, noticed.

"She called filming Madame Web with a blue screen 'absolutely psychotic' and said, 'I don’t know if this is going to be good at all.' And now this," Herren said in a post on X. "We need more unhinged celebrities like Dakota Johnson."

Johnson not being able to name Marvel's Spider-Man movies was unexpected considering the actress said she's "always really loved Marvel movies."

'I was a novice coming into this," Johnson says

Johnson seemed to backtrack during an interview with Hits Radio when the actress was asked if she remembers the first Marvel female character she "fell in love with on screen."

"I don't, I feel like I've mostly been like watching male Marvel characters," Johnson told the interviewer. "I haven't seen all of the Marvel movies so I was a novice coming into this. It's something that I'm getting used to and learning about. I haven't seen a character like Madame Web before."

'Madame Web' review: Dakota Johnson headlines the worst superhero movie since 'Morbius'

Heroes Unbound, a movie reviewer, reposted the Hits Radio clip on X and said, "When (Johnson) was asked which female Marvel movie character she liked the most and she didn’t say any (even though she’s friends with Scarlet Witch)."

Cast of 'Madame Web'

  • Dakota Johnson as Cassandra Webb

  • Isabela Merced as Anya Corazon

  • Sydney Sweeney as Julia Cornwall

  • Tahar Rahim as Ezekiel Sims

  • Mike Epps as O'Neil

  • Emma Roberts as Mary Parker

  • Adam Scott as Ben Parker

  • Zosia Mamet as Amaria

Johnson left 'Madame Web' co-star on read

In reaction to an MTV interview with Johnson's co-stars, TV producer Marissa Monticolo posted on X that "I will probably never see #MadameWeb, but I will consume every chaotic moment of this press tour."

In the 25-second clip, Monticolo shared, Celeste O'Connor, Isabela Merced and Sydney Sweeney discuss how Johnson leaves them on read and doesn't reply to their text messages.

"Dakota definitely left me on read," O'Connor, who plays Mattie Franklin in the film, said.

Thread on X of 'hilarious things' said by Johnson

Heroes Unbound also posted a thread of the "hilarious things" Johnson said during the "Madame Web" press tour.

In addition to clips from the Hits Radio and Josh Horowitz interviews, the thread includes Johsnon doing a "Nepo Baby truce" with the comedy group Please Don't Destroy from "Saturday Night Live," the actress confessing on KISS FM that she's constantly trying to get her best friend arrested and her reaction to Kelly Ripa and husband, Mark Consuelos, saying she'll be doing 35 Marvel movies.

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