Report: MLB shuts down Yankees' plan to put Giancarlo Stanton's face in your beer

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On Monday, the New York Yankees held a tasting event for some of their new ballpark offerings for the upcoming season.

The PostGame’s Jeff Eisenband attended and found these cool beers with headshots of Yankees players imprinted in the foam.

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(Via Twitter/@JeffEisenband)

They’re a little fuzzy in that photo, but from top left going clockwise, that’s Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Giancarlo Stanton and Aroldis Chapman. We imagine the images are a lot cooler when they’re freshly made.

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Here’s a cleaner image shared by the brewer featuring the Yankees logo.

And here’s a video of the machine that works the magic, a technology that MarketWatch reports is courtesy of a company called Ripples, Inc. that was originally used to put people’s faces in their lattes.

On Tuesday, Newsday reported that Major League Baseball caught wind of the gimmick and moved quickly to shut it down.

MLB players are prohibited from endorsing alcohol, and this promotion evidently raised a red flag.

An MLB spokesman told Newsday the league was unaware of the images. “We spoke to the club, the club wasn’t aware, either. To the best of our knowledge, they have told them it’s not authorized, to cease doing it.”

A Yankees representative told Newsday that their food and beverage team was just messing around on Monday, that they had no intention of ever selling alcohol with player images to the public.

“Our hospitality team took Monday’s event as an opportunity to test the image machine with various Yankees-related logos and photos,” the spokesman said. “However, the Yankees have no current plans of incorporating this decorative element on concessions items this season.”


In addition to stressing out a decision-maker on the Yankees’ hospitality team, the story caused Eisenband to catch some flak from his friends.

But in the end, no harm no foul, as they say. And some free promotion for the club, the brewer and the machine maker.

Here’s guessing this won’t be the end of the dream of up-charging for putting people’s faces in their beers.

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