'Relegation might be what is needed to reset'

Your views

We asked for your thoughts after St Johnstone fell to a 1-0 defeat at Pittodrie, which saw them drop into the relegation playoff spot.

Here's what you had to say:

Duncan: Not a game I thought we'd get anything from, but Ross County's win puts more pressure on a struggling, poor team. Ultimately we deserve to be playing Championship teams to determine our fate. It's been a poor season. A poor squad and management. A poor final few years of the Brown stewardship. Relegation might be what is needed to reset and rebuild.

Hamish: Truly horrible football, bereft of ideas and creativity, some players not up for the fight and a manager who sets the team up not lose despite our defensive frailty. Hate to say but relegation may be the best thing for Saints. We'd have a clean slate with new owners.

Derek: Can’t see us surviving but whatever league we are in we need rid of the incompetent Craig Levein. His only interest is in beating Hibs.

Ally: Absolute rubbish! St Johnstone look a broken club, just like Levein. God knows what the soon too be new owner thinks of this complete shambles. I said it before, Levein and Kirk should never have been allowed anywhere near the club.