Reintroduce £400 energy rebate this winter, urges Flynn

The UK Government should reintroduce the £400 energy rebate, the SNP’s Westminster leader has urged.

Ahead of the Commons returning on Monday, Stephen Flynn pushed for the measure – which ended in March – to be brought back in before expected price rises over the winter.

Independent energy research firm Cornwall Insights said in a recent report that prices could rise to £2,032.66 annually for the average household in January.

Mr Flynn said: “Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer are hammering household incomes with their reckless support for Brexit, austerity cuts and damaging Westminster policies that have sent the cost of living in the UK soaring through the roof.

Stephen Flynn
Stephen Flynn said the UK Government must help with energy bills again this winter (PA)

“With energy bills still around double what they were in 2021, standing charges rising, and families struggling to cope with the growing cost of mortgages, rents and bills, it’s vital the UK Government brings back the £400 energy bill rebate from October.

“The UK Government must not abandon families this winter, but that is exactly what the Tories and pro-Brexit Labour Party are doing by imposing cuts and refusing to give struggling families the support they need.

“Scotland is an energy rich country and it’s a scandal that Westminster is forcing families to pay through the nose for a resource we have in plenty.

“The SNP is the only party demanding real help for families and a credible plan to reduce energy bills. At the general election, voting SNP is the only way to tackle the cost of living and secure a fairer and wealthier future with independence.”

A UK Government spokesperson said:

“We have been providing unprecedented support to families, with nearly £40 billion to cover around half a typical household’s energy bill last winter. Energy prices have fallen significantly since last Autumn and the Energy Price Guarantee will remain in place as a safety net through to April 2024.

“Additional help is also available for the most vulnerable this winter through an increase to the Warm Home Discount, from which we expect over 3 million households to benefit, which is in addition to the significant welfare and income tax powers the Scottish Government has.”

“Last month we also announced hundreds of new oil and gas licences to deliver cleaner homegrown energy for households – capitalising on Scotland’s energy resources while supporting 50,000 jobs.”