'It was really close' - Clement

Rangers manager Philippe Clement tells BBC Scotland: "That we didn't score and Celtic scored. I think that was the only difference.

"My players played a brave game, they played a good tactical game with and without the game. I think much improved from the last Old Firms. We need to improve for next season.

"We had three times more shots on target than Celtic today. It's about decision-making and quality also to finish off the actions. We're going to work hard on that with the players that are here and new recruits.

"I don't know if it was a penalty - I think it was the edge of the box, but it's clearly a bigger push from Scales than what happened with the disallowed goal. I think it's really clear. We need to look at what we can improve for next season to make things better.

"It could have been much more, but [for] all the injuries. We need to take the right conclusions to make it better.

"The mentality is there, the hard work is there, the structure is there and now we need to build on this.

"Everybody saw it was really close today. We're going to need a rebuild. We have quite a few players leaving and players getting older. We are going to build a new team."