'Ratcliffe should have been at Wembley'

Chief football writer Phil McNulty
Sir Jim Ratcliffe speaks to Sir Keir Starmer
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BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty is answering all of your footballing questions.

Anonymous asked: I wondered what you made of Sir Jim Ratcliffe's decision not to attend the women's FA Cup final? Personally I was disappointed and it seemed an easy PR win too. I know Manchester United v Arsenal is a big game but it was pretty much meaningless for his side. It would have been a good statement of what was to come.

Phil answered: In my opinion this was a mistake.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe should have been at Wembley watching Manchester United win the women's FA Cup for the first time unless there were very pressing strategic reasons why he was not there and unavoidable commitments at Old Trafford.

This may, of course, have been the case.

Ratcliffe did meet Labour leader and Arsenal fan Sir Keir Starmer at which a new stadium would have been discussed along with Lord Coe, chair of the Old Trafford Regeneration Task Force.

This may have been the reason behind Ratcliffe’s absence from Wembley, because the Arsenal game was not vital.

It was certainly a pity he was not at Wembley to see United's victory there and would have been a great show of support for the women's team.