Ranking The Best Shows On Hulu You Can Stream Right Now


For the weekend of March 10, Streamline recommends “The Looming Tower” in the top Hulu spot for the second time. It debuted last week and is the most ambitious project Hulu has put out in quite some time. What’s New This Week

“Champions” is debuting. It airs on NBC, but episodes can also be found on Hulu. This project is from Mindy Kaling. Anders Holm of “Workaholics” stars. This is a sitcom, so it’s not the coolest show to check out. But “Champions” is still very strong television. This show could definitely become a thing.

Mindy Kaling's "Champions" on NBC and Hulu.
Mindy Kaling's "Champions" on NBC and Hulu.
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Assorted Hulu Streaming News Hulu actually added an original show this week: “Hard Sun.” It comes from the creator of “Luther” and is a detective show that takes place in a pre-apocalyptic world. In theory, it should be good and worthy of being recommended. But critics seem pretty sure this show is bad, so you should probably just ignore it. A show that isn’t bad, though ― “The Handmaid’s Tale” ― released a new teaser for Season 2. It’s looking good! The show returns April 25.  Streamline Newsletter Streamline now has a weekly newsletter. If you want streaming news and recommendations like this in your inbox on Saturdays, you can subscribe here.

Note: This list only includes shows that debuted their most recent episode less than a year ago. Much like the main list, it prioritizes newness.

Season Finale: TBA

Season 1 Finale: TBA

Season 4 Finale: Dec. 6, 2017

Season 1 Finale: TBA

Season 2 Finale: Feb. 1, 2018

Season 1 Finale: TBA

Season 1 Finale: TBA

Season 11 Finale: March 21, 2018

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