People Are Completely Divided Over This "Rainbow Cookie Egg Roll" Being Served At Met's Baseball Games

Yesterday, a hot take about hating Italian cookies went viral.

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Italian Americans were PISSED.

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Like, this person threatened his deceased nonna on the them.

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Today, we have more rainbow cookie discourse.

Slice of rainbow cake next to a toppled coffee cup on a saucer
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The Mets have unveiled a "rainbow cookie egg roll" they will be selling at Citi Field this season:

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It's certainly... something.

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Eric M. Hammer tried it and called it "sensational."

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Other people are not so sure.

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People are definitely divided over the creation.

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This person called it the "worse concession item at a ball game."

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said y

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Personally, I need it.

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Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?