Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's 70th anniversary: Who's 'in charge' in their marriage?

Gibson Johns, AOL.com

As Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip gear up to celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on November 20, royal experts are looking back at their storied romance in the public eye and sharing new details about their relationship.

In a revealing new People cover story, historian Robert Lacey -- who also serves as a consultant for Netflix's hit series "The Crown" -- explained that while Her Majesty takes charge in public, it's Philip who runs their private lives.

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"Within the marriage, [Philip] was in charge of virtually everything," Lacey told People.

The British and global public have long been curious about what the couple, who wed on November 20, 1947, is like behind closed doors, especially because their demeanors are often considered to be so different. But it's their difference in nature that have held up their marriage for so long; in order words, they balance each other out.

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"He's someone who can be frank and someone she can have a laugh with," royal biographer Robert Hardman told People.

And he's also the reason why she's been able to become the longest-reigning British monarch in history, a feat she achieved back in 2015.

"Part of the reason she keeps going so steadily is that she has him there beside her," an attendee at a recent Windsor Castle gathering explained. "They're a great team, and that's still the case."

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As for rumors that Philip long had a wandering eye, Lacey insists that it was just speculation around him constantly traveling on the weekends.

"There was his polo and carriage driving for decades, when he would quite regularly be away for the weekend," Lacey explained. "He was always staying in the home of mutual friends. The Queen's friends are solid, moral people, and I don't think there was any suggestion that friends were turning a blind eye to things that the Queen wouldn't approve."

The couple is expected to make an appearance together on November 12 before privately celebrating their 70th anniversary with family at Windsor Castle on November 20.

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