Queen Camilla Is Taking a Break From Royal Duties Following the King's Cancer Diagnosis

The Queen recently took on more responsibilities after King Charles III's cancer diagnosis.

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Amid King Charles's recent cancer diagnosis, duties have shifted between the monarchs. Queen Camilla recently took on more responsibilities in order to help her husband, but now she will be taking a week's break after shouldering a large portion of the load in the royal family.

The Sunday Times reports that Camilla will not appear in any engagements until March 11, when she's meant to appear at the Commonwealth Day service — a celebration of the 56 independent member countries across “Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Americas, the Pacific and Europe," per its official website — at Westminster Abbey.

Camilla will “represent Charles and lead the royal family” at the event. Historically, all members of the royal family attend, but Charles and Princess Kate Middleton will not be in attendance (Kate is still in recovery from abdominal surgery, despite what internet conspiracies will lead you to believe). Charles will instead share a broadcast at the event, and Prince William, Anne (Princess Royal), and Prince Edward and Princess Sophie (Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh) will take on engagements over the next week.

Until next Monday, Camilla will spend her extra free time with Charles and the rest of the royal family. “Although she was not expecting to find herself in the position of leading the family, the Queen is absolutely prepared to do whatever needs to be done for the institution," a royal source told the Times. 

“She has found reserves of energy that even she didn’t think she had,” the source continued. “The estimation of her by those inside the palace has soared as she has put her shoulder to the wheel.”

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