Pythons wrestle for female’s approval, video shows. They’re no match for snake catcher

A pair of male pythons were spotted wrestling next to a road in Australia, apparently seeking approval from a nearby female, video shows.

The carpet pythons were locked in battle as the snake catcher arrived, putting on a powerful display, video shared on Facebook by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 shows.

The catcher “was lucky enough to arrive at multiple jobs where male Carpet pythons were fighting it out over a nearby female,” the Sept. 17 post read.

While the display may or may not have impressed the female python, their peacocking made them easy pickings for the catcher, video shows.

“All they’re interested in is themselves,” the catcher says as she calmly and cautiously approaches.

Within seconds, she scoops the fierce fighters up with a pole and places them into a bag, video shows.

Does that make her the winner? Hard to say, as the rules of snake wrestling are unclear.

“Keep an eye out and if you see a snake in your home or yard, keep people and pets away from it and call a professional snake catcher like us if you need it relocated,” the post said.

Carpet pythons can be found in every corner of Australia except Tasmania, according to wildlife officials. They are known to grow more than 13 feet in length, though most don’t grow longer than about 8 feet, officials said.

“They live in a range of habitats from the wet tropics to near arid desert,” according to officials. “Look out for them in undergrowth, in tree branches, or the roof of your house or shed.”

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