PTC Partners With ColorDigital for Streamlined Color Management in Product Design

PTC is making life a lot easier for retail merchandising and design teams. At the PI Apparel Europe Show at Lake Maggiore, PTC said it has teamed up with ColorDigital GmbH to integrate its color management platform, DMIx, with its PLM solution, FlexPLM.

“Leveraging PTC’s Flex Insights platform, the integration facilitates seamless data exchange between FlexPLM and DMIx, empowering PTC’s FlexPLM customers to elevate the efficiency and creativity of their design and merchandising teams, extending the value of digital color management throughout the entire enterprise,” PTC said in a statement.

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The integration is being launched at a time when retailers and brands are looking to increase product design efficiencies and color management accuracy.

Gerd Willschütz, chief operating officer at ColorDigital GmbH, emphasized the significance of the deep integration, noting that the collaboration between DMIx and FlexPLM “marks a crucial stride in the fashion and retail industry’s pursuit of a comprehensive product life management workflow for digital product creation, with a focus on color management.”

The integrated platform.
The integrated platform.

Bill Brewster, senior vice president and general manager of PTC’s Retail Business Unit, said retail “is facing unprecedented macro challenges with the ever-present need to get products to market with speed and efficiency, just in time, to be on-trend. Digital color management has become critical for brands and retailers to manage 3D and DPC.”

“This integration, achieved through collaboration with PTC, enables the use of critical elements such as color standards in an all-digital, automated workflow,” Willschütz said. “The powerful combination of our solutions is poised to set new benchmarks, offering brands and retailers a significant competitive advantage.”

Brewster said the company is proud “to be the first PLM provider in the retail and consumer products space to bring this level of deep integration to market. We are committed to enabling our FlexPLM customers to unlock the full potential of color, and we eagerly anticipate further collaboration with the ColorDigital team to bring more opportunities to our customers in the near future.”

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