This problem has been going on for quite a while:' Works on Anthony Court in Huntsville are scheduled to be completed in the fall of this year

The Town of Huntsville and the District of Muskoka plan to work together to rebuild Anthony Court. After over five months, the council gave the project the green light.

On March 27, the council directed town staff to develop a report detailing the costs associated with the repair of Anthony Court. The town and the district will contribute financially to the development of the necessary work.

"Each year through capital projects, town staff try to work with the District of Muskoka to complete joint venture projects on various roads to eliminate any further construction once a road has been fully constructed," the staff report presented in March reads.

According to the report, the District of Muskoka was replacing the Mountview Pumping Station, affecting Anthony Court.

On Thursday, Sep. 7, Huntsville council received the report detailing the costs associated with the project.

The report took over five months to complete. Coun. Renwick asked staff about the timing of the project.

"Do you think this will be done this year?" said Coun. Renwick. "Why did it take so long for it to start now? This problem has been going on for quite a while."

Staff said getting into an agreement with the district was a reason for the time spent on this project.

"Getting on board with the district, getting the design done, understanding what they need and what we need, did take some time," said the town's civic engineering technologist, Brandon Hall. "We have already started discussions with them on future projects for previous or coming years."

According to the report presented in the Sep. 7 council meeting, the project's total value is $1,154,654.90, of which the Town of Huntsville will contribute $211,706 and the district will contribute the remaining value.

Council unanimously agreed to direct staff to proceed with the reconstruction of Anthony Court as outlined in the report presented in March, and the town's portion of the project costs $211,706 to be funded from the 2023-approved Roads Budget.

According to the report, the District of Muskoka has already presented their portion of the costs to the District Council, which received approval. With the Huntsville council's decision, the project is to begin in early September and is to be completed by November.

Julian Orlando Chaves is a Local Journalism Initiative reporter who works out of the Huntsville Forester. The Local Journalism Initiative is funded by the Government of Canada.

Julian Orlando Chaves , Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Huntsville Forester