Pro golfer Grayson Murray tweets and deletes suggestive comments to high schooler

Golfer Grayson Murray was a little too quick off the Twitter tee.

PGA Tour professional Grayson Murray found himself in hot water on Wednesday night after the golfer tweeted, and then immediately deleted, a creepy message to a teenage girl saying that he “hates the fact” that she is in high school.

The up-and-coming 23-year-old is known as much for his activity on social media as he is for his golf swing. Before he had the chance to erase his comments, they were screen-grabbed by Twitter user David Fraye:

Rookie Murray, currently ranked 163rd in the world, tweeted an apology on Thursday afternoon:

“In response to my recent Twitter comment I apologize to anyone whom I offended and most of all I apologize to the young lady I involved….,” the tweet read.