Prince Haakon Gives Health Update on King Harald

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Prince Haakon Gives Health Update on King HaraldSILJE KATRINE ROBINSON - Getty Images

While vacationing in Langkawi, Malaysia, Norway's King Harald V was hospitalized with an infection, and he was given a temporary pacemaker.

"His Majesty The King, as informed in recent days, has been suffering from an infection and low heart rate, requiring hospitalization and medical transportation home," the Royal House of Norway said in a statement. "The infection has recently become more under control. His Majesty has a low heart rate and will require a permanent pacemaker."

The Royal House added, "The timing of the pacemaker implantation will be determined by when His Majesty is completely free from infection. This could take several days, so The King is likely to remain at Rikshospitalet until after the weekend. Overall, his condition is stable and improving."

Today, his son, Crown Prince Haakon—who has been acting as regent in his father's place—gave an update on King Harald's health during a visit to the Bergen public library. His father is happy to be back in Norway, Haakon said.

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Crown Prince Haakon and King Harald V in August 2021.Rune Hellestad - Getty Images

"It was very nice to bring the king home. Bringing both my parents home. I think the king was happy that he was back in Norway," Haakon said, according to Norwegian media. "I was able to visit him in the hospital yesterday. Then he made it clear that he thought it was good to be home again." The Crown Prince added, "Many people have worked hard to make [the King's return home] happen. We are grateful for that."

When asked if his 87-year-old father should've traveled to Malaysia for a holiday, Haakon replied, "It is a decision that they must be allowed to make. I don't think I should go into that much, it was an assessment that he made together with the doctor." He continued, "At the same time, there are things about this that we will also go through and look at. Did we do things the way we should, in terms of information—and all the different elements of this. We also think it is good to have an internal evaluation."

King Harald, who ascended to the throne in 1991, has been beset by numerous health issues in recent years, but has emphasized he has no plans to abdicate. "I stick by what I've always said, that I swore an oath to the Storting [parliament] and it is for life," King Harald said following Queen Margrethe's abdication.

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