Prime Video’s ‘Frida’ Trailer Paints a Portrait of the Artist in Her Own Words | Video

Prime Video has released the trailer for “Frida,” Carla Gutierrez’s documentary film that premiered at Sundance 2024.

The 87-minute documentary feature tells the story of Frida Kahlo in her own words for the first time, using illustrations from her famed diary, letters, personal essays and print interviews, as well as lyric animation based on her own artwork.

“Artist, Lover, Icon,” read cursive labels scripted over self-portraits of the Mexican painter at the beginning of the video.

“I paint myself because I’m what I know best,” a voiceover says in Spanish, which continues throughout the trailer as subtitles translate into English. “I will paint whatever I want through no one’s eyes but my own.”

Interspersed with English text, the description reads, “Frida’s art told her truth. Now her words tell the story.”

The trailer then cuts to black-and-white film of transportation immersing the viewer into the sensation of a bus accident, which Kahlo said “crushed [her] bones.” She also cites the Mexican Revolution as the foundation of her determination after her accident.

“I will never accept money from any man until I die,” the voice adds. “This way I will be free.”

Two versions of the artist, connected by painted, beating hearts, sit next to each other as the trailer closes out.

“I never painted my dreams. I painted my own reality,” the voiceover continues. “Many lives would not be enough to paint everything I want.”

The R-rated directorial debut of Gutierrez (“RBG,” “La Corona”) won the Jonathan Oppenheim Editing Award at Sundance.

“Frida” will be available to stream on Prime Video starting March 14.

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