giving away over $1 million in Black Friday and Cyber Monday travel deals

Emily Rella

Thanksgiving travel can be just as stressful as it can be exciting.

But whether you're staying stationary for the holiday or boarding a jet plane, the colder weather and constant conversation about travel plans inevitably sparks the idea of planning a trip of your own — especially in the new year.

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So why not take advantage of the two biggest discounted shopping days of the year — Namely Black Friday and Cyber Monday — to book those trips without breaking the bank?

Stores that will be closed for Black Friday, Thanksgiving 2017:

Your go-to place this year to do so?

Starting Wednesday, November 22 up until Friday, November 24, email subscribers can earn up to 15 percent off hotel Express Deals.

Deals range from $25 off of a 4-star hotel to $50 off a $200 hotel, and even more, totaling a mind-boggling $1 million in deals and savings.

SVP of Hotels at, Mark Koehler, explained:

“This year, our email insiders will have the exclusive opportunity to take advantage of’s biggest Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale ever. The sale will feature over $1 million in extra savings on our Express Deal hotel offerings so we encourage all our customers to opt-in to our email list to unlock some of the best deals of the year.”

The same deals will roll out on Cyber Monday(Monday, November 21) for 24 hours, including $15 off of a minimum of a $100 purchase (if the purchase is made on the app).

Deals are limited and expected to run out, so take that as your cue from the universe to book that getaway without second-guessing.

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