President Trump turned down Chris Evans (twice) for political project

Taryn Ryder
·Writer, Yahoo Entertainment
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President Donald Trump wasn’t very eager to join forces with Captain America.

Chris Evans appeared on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about his new website and app, A Starting Point. Its mission is to create a bipartisan channel of communication between Americans and their elected officials.

Chris Evans, Donald Trump (Getty Images)
Chris Evans, Donald Trump (Getty Images)

“It’s designed to ultimately create engagement,” Evans explained. “I think a lot of people turn away from politics because the landscape itself is a little daunting. I think if you hit [age] 25, 30 you get a little embarrassed if you don’t understand basic issues and where do you go to get that information? So, this is a way to try and get fair and balanced bipartisan information from across the aisle.”

Evans worked with Republicans and Democrats for his passion project, which launched earlier this year. When asked who was most helpful, The Avengers star named people on both sides of the aisle, like Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) and former Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner. However, there was one pretty big name that declined to participate: President Trump.

“We did [ask him],” Evans shared. “You gotta, you gotta do it.”

Evans joked he “shouldn’t say it that way,” but added, “Yeah we did, we asked him, he said no. He said no twice, so I did my part.”

Trump’s rejection may not come as a huge surprise. Although ASP aims to give readers bipartisan information, Evans is quite outspoken on his personal social media channels when it comes to the current administration. Earlier this month, the actor called the president “reckless” after he told his followers to not be afraid of COVID-19.

Evans also participated in a virtual fundraiser for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

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