'Suits' Fans, Stephen Amell Dropped a Major Update About the Upcoming 'Suits: LA' Spinoff

'Suits' Fans, Stephen Amell Dropped a Major Update About the Upcoming 'Suits: LA' Spinoff

When Suits debuted on Netflix in June 2023 after airing on the USA Network, no one expected the drama to take off as fast as it did. While it generated a legion of viewers during its initial run that ended in 2019 after nine seasons, the show took on a resurgence this summer as it became one of the top programs for the service. What's more, Suits' success led folks to wonder if a season 10 was in the works, or if there was potentially a reboot in their midst.

Now, it looks like we're heading back to court in a whole new way.

In a report from Deadline in October 2023, the publication revealed that a new series in the Suits franchise is officially in the works at NBCUniversal. According to the outlet, series creator Aaron Korsh is working on the project, which will feature new characters in a new location. The show's setting will move from Suits' New York law firm to one in Los Angeles. What's more, in a shocking announcement made by Deadline on February 1, it was announced NBC gave the green light to shoot a pilot for Suits L.A. According to the outlet, production for the series is set to begin in late March in Vancouver, and it will be the start of a new chapter for the hit TV franchise.

Given the success of the first show, how will this spinoff fare? Well, we're on the case with all the details of what to expect from the brand-new series.

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Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle in the original series Suits.Getty Images

What will the Suits reboot be about?

As for what fans can expect from the first series after the initial Suits spinoff Pearson, which was canceled after one season, Entertainment Weekly reported in October 2023 that the show is being designed as "a workplace drama with elements of a legal procedural."

Per an official release in Variety in February, Suits L.A. will focus on a former New York federal prosecutor named Ted Black. He has ventured over to Los Angeles, where he developed a name for representing some of the most powerful people in the city. But when "his firm is at a crisis point, in order to survive he must embrace a role he held in contempt his entire career." And if that wasn't enough, the publication notes Ted's past will slowly catch up to him, all while the employees at the firm mix both business and pleasure.

Well, sign us up, because we need to know what's next!

Who will be in the cast of Suits: L.A.?

It's official: We now have news of who's set to star in Suits L.A.

Just days after it was revealed the official Suits reboot was happening, details emerged about who will join the cast of the upcoming series. According to a February 13 report from Deadline, actor Stephen Amell is set to play Ted Black, the New York federal prosecutor who moves to Los Angeles to help his law firm weather a company crisis.

What's more, Stephen went on Instagram the same day to screenshot the article and confirm the news himself. "For the record, I’m a 42 regular," he joked in the caption.

Deadline also reported on February 22 that Josh McDermitt will step in to play Stuart Lane, Ted's best friend. According to the publication, the two join together to create the firm Black Lane Law, which specializes in criminal and entertainment law.

Additionally, per Variety on February 28, Lex Scott Davis has been cast as the female lead, Erica Rollins. An employee of Ted's, the character is "a savvy and strong-willed rising star … shrewd enough to test the loyalty of her associates only to admire some of them for not having any."

The cast of Suits L.A. keeps on growing, as Deadline revealed on March 14 that actor Bryan Greenberg (well-known for portraying Jake Jagielski on One Tree Hill) is set to round out the group of series regulars. He portrays Rick Dodsen, Ted Black's mentee in the entertainment division of Black Lane Law. He's also on track to receive a promotion at the law firm, so he always needs to be ahead of his work rival, Erica Rollins.

Bryan revealed the news himself with screenshots of the original announcement on Instagram. "Suiting up! 👔🎬 #NextChapter," read the caption.

Bryan's isn't the only casting news as of late. Variety reported on March 8 that Troy Winbush was cast in a recurring role as former FBI agent Kevin, "Ted's old friend and ex-partner who is now a private detective." TVLine also shared on March 13 the casting of Alice Lee, who will recur as Leah, an associate attorney at Black Lane Law.

Viewers may be back in the courtroom sooner rather than later!

Has Suits: L.A. started filming?

It looks like filming for the Suits: L.A. pilot is officially underway!

Stephen tipped fans off to the next phase for the upcoming spinoff with a surprise post on Instagram on March 25. He revealed he was traveling to Canada to film a pilot, pointing out the coincidence of the date with his work on another popular TV show.

"Heading to Vancouver to shoot a pilot," he wrote. "Almost 12 years to the day since we shot the Arrow pilot. This is surreal. I am so excited!!"

Naturally, fans were ecstatic to see Stephen's unexpected update, and they bombarded him in the comments about it. "IT HAS TO BE SUITS!!!!! 😍," one person wrote. "Have a wonderful time and make history... again 💪🏆🏆❤," another congratulated him. "Have a great time filming the Suits L.A. pilot with the cast and crew," a different follower added.

Will the original Suits cast be in Suits: L.A.?

Speaking of the cast, is there a chance that we could see Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and their fellow co-litigators on the new Suits series? It would make sense for the fan favorite ensemble (which includes Rick Hoffman, Sarah Rafferty and Gina Torres) to come back to the new series in the form of crossover episodes, and Patrick seemingly implied he'd be down to reprise his role if offered the chance.

"I would jump in there. I'll do whatever they want," he shared with Entertainment Tonight at the 2024 Golden Globes on January 7. "Whatever the fans want, I'm there. I love this role. I love the world. I love everybody involved."

Guess we'll have to keep our fingers crossed!

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